Winter is Coming!

It’s that time of year again when we begin the ‘will it, won’t it’ of weather preparation. Every year, we wonder whether this will be the year of the big freeze that plunges us into wintery conditions for weeks and makes our daily commute interesting in the wrong way.

We have seen our news feeds fill with dire predictions of arctic winters, which apparently means snow and ice rather than the grey skies, chilly rain and fog that we are accustomed to. You get momentarily excited about sparkling white snow and lovely crisp days of fell walking and pub lunches in front of roaring fires by which a golden retriever or border collie snores happily. Idyllic.

And reality creeps back in and it’s freezing mornings, a car that won’t even let you in as it’s frozen shut, and treacherously slippery pathways alongside black ice coated roads.

You arrive at work with decreased sensation in your fingers and toes, a raised heartbeat from the slight issue you had with that patch of ice on the car park entrance and an increasingly closer view of your boss’ car before gradually stopping at the point you thought you’d hear metal grinding on metal, and a nose glowing sufficiently red that you’re put on the reserve lists to cover Rudolf’s sick leave.

What can you do???

Our salvation comes from the sage advice of motoring experts, who want to help keep us safe over the winter months. There are a few of these wonderful heroes out there. Follow the link below for advice from The AA.

Stay warm and stay safe!

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