Why You Need a Main Contractor for Your Project

Whatever the size of the construction project you have decided to undertake, the prospect of juggling all the contractors on site, completing all the applications, forms, and notices, and getting all the materials onsite at the right time is more than a little overwhelming! But you might have heard that hiring a main contractor can inflate the costs of the project.

Let’s take a look at this from our totally unbiased point of view (you can trust us – we are main contractors, so we know what we’re talking about).

What do main contractors do?

You employ a main contractor to run the project on a day to day basis. So the main contractor is responsible for:

  • Planning and programming what needs to happen and when for the entirety of the project
  • Organising labour on the site
  • Ordering materials, organising deliveries and unloading
  • Coordinating subcontractors
  • Organising warranty and Building Regulations inspections
  • Running the site and taking care of health and safety responsibilities
  • Organising toilet facilities, storage, skips

What do you need to do?

Firstly, you will need to choose a main contractor. Do your research (ask around, look at reviews) and arrange to meet with them to discuss the project. Depending on what stage you have reached yourself with the project, you may have detailed plans that you can submit so they can prepare a fixed quote. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or get clarification on anything. This is your project, your home.

Once you’ve appointed your contractor (Croft View Construction, for example), make sure that you meet with the person who is project managing your development and keep that person as your main point of contact for anything relating to the project. You should be able to meet with the production manager once a week on site. Your main role will be to ensure you’re at the end of the phone when needed. Communication really is key.

So what about the money?

Make sure you know what payments are required and when. Agree this in writing with your main contractor. They’ll be paying for the subcontractors and materials, so it’s your responsibility to ensure payments are prompt, but you will also feel more in control of finances if you know exactly when invoices will arrive.

You will be paying them to deal with all of the organisation so there is a cost implication in hiring a main contractor but that cost is included in the fixed quote you have already agreed so there are no surprises – costs should be transparent from the start. The main contractor is responsible for monitoring the costs and it is to their advantage to keep costs under control. The only extra costs you will have above the fixed quote are for any additional works you request or if the specifications you provided for pricing were not accurate.

Most customers consider the small uplift in the cost of instructing a main contractor money well spent to avoid the stresses and strains of running a building site day to day.


A good contractor like Croft View Construction is:

  • Experienced in programming and scheduling
  • Responsible for health and safety on site
  • Fully insured for the works carried out on your site
  • Able to maintain the cashflow for the project so that you can pay in stages. This simplifies your finances as you are only paying one party for the work
  • Able to provide a fixed-price contract so you know from the start what the costs will be. You can feel confident financially and plan well
  • Efficient and organised so the project runs to the timetables that you were given at the start of the project
  • Able to ensure that the site is left clean and safe each day


  • Some added cost for the main contractor’s management fees
  • The scheduling and programming are in the hands of the main contractor, though you can always discuss the programming with them
  • The contractor will need your specifications to be as comprehensive as possible to avoid delays. You may not always be contactable as quickly as needed for the dynamic needs of the project
  • If you delay or stop the work for whatever reason, the contract may well contain provision for payment of loss of profit to the contractor. Generally, once the contract starts, it is financially vital that it finishes!
  • The feeling of empowerment you get from managing the process yourself is lost when you instruct a main contractor— equally though, the feeling of despair when it is stressful is lost too!

Make Croft View Construction your main contractor

“So, let me explain what makes Croft View Construction the perfect main contractor!” Adam says with the confidence born of knowing that they really are the best at what they do.

The Quote

After a meeting with Adam, he prepares a detailed quote with no hidden costs – it is clear what is and what is not included. Adam will sit with you to discuss the quote and make sure you have everything you need.

The Handover

This is where Croft View Construction’s Production Director, Mario, joins Adam at the project site for a meeting with you. The project is discussed in full so that Mario is ready to take over and make sure your whole project runs with precision.

The Programme of Works

Mario prepares a very detailed programme that breaks down the entire project so that you have a complete and transparent schedule of works. You will know what date concrete is being poured and the exact dates the radiators are being fitted.

Payment Schedule

The payment schedule is linked to the programme of works – certain pre-agreed stages in production will trigger an invoice. It details the stages that trigger payment, the amount that will be invoiced, and the date that stage is scheduled to be completed. The payment schedule is sent to you along with the programme of works in the weeks leading up to the project’s commencement.

“We want to work with customers in the most transparent way possible,” Mario confirms. “Every project is built to budget, on time, and to the high-quality standards that we demand for every project we do.”

So, what are you waiting for?


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