Who Are Croft View Construction? – Our Croft View Values

At Croft View Construction, we pride ourselves on our quality of service. We pride ourselves on the values we weave into every aspect of our work – honesty, transparency, integrity, respect. We want our customers to feel at ease, informed, and happy.

The focus of the business is on domestic customers, without excluding business to business projects. Therefore our model leans toward one-on-one customer service. The customer comes first as the person who makes the final decisions and has control – but we are always there with our professional guidance.

Our values contribute to all aspects of our working environment. We don’t just pay lip service to those values. You can test us on them.


Loyalty is important to us and we want you to know that you can trust and rely on us for advice as well as a high quality of service. Customers are involved in every stage and we seek to form a collaborative relationship so their requirements are met with the minimum stress and the maximum satisfaction.

  • Open and honest communication from first contact to completion
  • Manage expectations. Don’t over promise.
  • Customer updated with any build complications and given solutions as soon as possible


We appreciate that often cost is one of the most important elements in a potential project. We ensure that we understand what the customer’s budget is and that we keep within the boundaries the customer sets, keeping them involved and updated regularly so that nothing is a surprise.

  • Clear communication about costs from first contact to completion.
  • Detailed quotes for whole project
  • Clear costings for variations: omissions and additions
  • Clear costings for any alterations to the contract
  • Detailed and clear invoicing


The finish of every detail matters: each component from a screw, nail or brick is important to us, because it is important to the customer. The team is full of specialists at the top of their game and hardworking apprentices work alongside them on track to join them at the top.

  • Careful recruitment of highly skilled staff
  • Regular site visits and inspections
  • Clear tasks given to team daily
  • Weekly contact with the customer to ensure that standards are being met
  • The office is there to take your calls or emails


We believe that the personal touch matters and we strive to deliver a product and service tailored to customer’s individual requirements. As we are working in customer’s homes, it is important we respect their property.

  • Training given in relation to working in the customer’s home
  • Communicate with the customer what our expectations are and ensure that they are met
  • Provide equipment and materials to assist keeping the site tidy and safe
  • Thoroughly tidy site at the end of each day
  • Ensure the site is left clean at the end of a project
  • Follow up at the end of a project with contact with the customer to ensure that their home has been left in a respectful state
  • Weekly contact with our team in the office to make sure our customers are happy

Our values make us who we are and inform everything we do. They are why we come to work every day.

Do you want to meet our lovely team? Read all about them on our ‘About Us‘ page.

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