Welcoming Peter to Croft View Construction!

Welcome to the team, Peter!

Peter has more than 11 years’ experience in the building trade and is coming on board as our new joiner.

He’s a family man who loves spending time with his two children. He’s easygoing, focused, and practical.

Peter loves cycling, motorbiking, and walking so we know he likes to stay active. But he also loves live music and cold lager, presumably at the same time because, why wouldn’t he? It sounds good to us too! His ambition is to see as much of the world as possible and he really wants to ride Route 66. We can totally imagine him on his bike (motor, not pedal) riding along the famed highway with some sort of rock anthem playing as the sound track. Fingers crossed he’ll get to achieve his ambition one day soon.

Peter’s greatest claim to fame is being mistaken for Gary Barlow by a lady at a Gary Barlow concert – hopefully not while Gary was singing on stage… but ‘Could it be Magic?’ We jest – sorry. Have a little ‘Patience’ as we have no¬† ‘Shame’ apparently in trying to fit as many as possible of dear old Gary’s songs in to one post. We should ‘Never Forget’ that the point of this post was to welcome Peter to Croft View Construction.

It great to have you here and we look forward to working with you for many years. And if you do make it to Route 66, we hope you can still come ‘Back for Good’…

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