Skiddle project – The finishing line

Following on from our previous post, The Renovation Men, in March 14, we are thrilled to report that our project in Preston, Lancashire to convert a former gym into the world headquarters of is very nearly completed. And what an exciting project it has been and a beautiful building it now is.

The Skiddle team have officially been in their new offices for a week, and we are finishing up the finer details of the project around them.

Working alongside the Skiddle team has been a joy. They have been perfect customers to work with enabling the job to run smoothly and with ease. All of us at Croft View Construction have worked as hard as we possibly can to renovate their new headquarters to be the highest standard possible. We are extremely pleased with the finish of this project and think Skiddle will be very happy and prosperous in this building for many years to come. As with all of our projects, we are proud to put the Croft View Construction name to it. This, along with customer satisfaction, for us is when all the hard work has paid off.

The job has had a range of highlights throughout our time there. Too many to recount them all but one highlight was a live peacock walking in to the men’s toilets to have a look around! We think he was very pleased with the standard of the finish.

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