Listed Buildings

Croft View Construction have the comprehensive understanding and wide ranging skills needed to work on a variety of listed buildings. We can help you with restoring original features of your heritage property. We have also carried out full renovations to listed properties.

We understand that these historic buildings can not only be beautiful, but full of obstacles and practical issues. We are able to help you to make home improvements to buildings while working within the listed guidelines for your property.

How it works

Croft View Construction has extensive experience with full building renovations of listed properties. These restorations have encompassed a wide variety of services. The restorations have included the complete re-roof of a property. We have restored original features such as sash windows and heavy oak timber doors. We have carried out structural works, replaced fixtures, and restored stonework.

Our experienced and skilled workmen enable us to repair original features, or create like for like when replacing them.

listed buildings

How we make it happen

We pride ourselves on the high standard of our workmanship.  Croft View Construction can work on complex structures within guidelines and boundaries set by local authorities.

We also work closely with you to ensure that your restored historic gem satisfies your requirements and suits your lifestyle. Your listed property can be a beautiful home honouring its past and respecting its future.

listed buildings
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