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Croft View Construction believe that installing a bespoke Garden Room is a fantastic way to utilise your outside space, extending your living area and unifying your home and garden.

When you are in need of more space, many options can be costly, complicated, and entail overcoming a range of potential obstacles such as planning permission and restrictions created by your current house structure.

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How it works

A garden room is different. We aren’t talking about a glorified shed, which is cold in the winter, boiling in the summer and draughty and damp all year round. Our garden rooms are made from strength graded structural timbers, fully insulated, with a 10 year guarantee. All electricity, plumbing and lighting options are available. With a huge range of finishes, such as slate roof and oak flooring, the rooms are attractive and stylish to suit your tastes.

By utilising the space in your garden you can create a room that’s completely separate from the main house, yet as close or far from it as you desire. Our rooms are made completely bespoke to whatever need. Whether you require an office, a playroom, a studio, a workshop or just a completely versatile room for a range of uses, our garden rooms are ideal.

garden rooms

How we make it happen

In order to make the installation even more hassle free, we can build the majority of the room in our workshop before installing it on site. All installation costs are included in the price, which is set from the outset once you choose your design and detailing.

Garden rooms are around a third of the cost of an equivalent extension and, if they are less than 50% of the total garden area, and under 2.5m high, they will be classed as a ‘permitted development’. This means no planning permission is required.

All our rooms are made to order and with our help and advice, you choose the size, style, and all details so the finished product is entirely specific to you and your home.

garden rooms
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