‘Concept to Construction’ – Our Design and Build Service

Our 'Concept to Construction' service is a design and build service that takes your project from your imagination, to the page, to reality.

The advantages of a design and build service are plentiful. You get the input from all of the consultants and experts that you get in any build project. With a design and build service, however, they are all part of one team, fully integrated to work on your project from start to finish, seamlessly delivering exactly what you needed.

concept to construction

How it works

Our Concept to Construction Team is the single point of responsibility for design consultation, production of drawings and layouts, site surveys, planning applications, Building Control applications, liaising with utility companies, construction, fixtures & fittings, and kitchens and bathrooms. You as the customer can be as involved as you like in the design process.

You can have direct input into every detail. You can give us a brief based on your needs and let us create the solution for you. The advantage of having your construction team involved from the beginning is that we know how to make your ideas work in bricks and mortar.

concept to construction

How we make it happen

We use our knowledge to maximise your resources so you get the design you wanted within a realistic budget. We put costs to concepts during the design process. We create a solution for you that will be more practical and more buildable without compromising on the design. This results in fewer headaches for you and a more efficient build for us. The integrated design and build process also reduces the overall project delivery time. It means that by the time production begins, we have been thinking about how to fulfil your requirements for weeks and we have already found solutions to every potential barrier. It also allows for more flexibility during construction if the design needs to be adjusted to accommodate a new requirement.

Concept to Construction
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