One Good Turn

The Animal Refuge at Wetheral, Carlisle, has recently been taken over and has a new manager David Jordan who has been brought in to help the refuge run to its full potential. David was aware that various bits of work needed to be done around the refuge in order to bring it up to the standard it should be.

David wanted to use local companies in order to support others’ as the refuge is supported by many within the community. He approached us at Croft View Construction for a quote for the following work – Making an opening in one building and fitting a door and frame within it; Fitting new PVC French doors in the café due to the deterioration of the current doors; Fitting fire doors in their offices. We really warmed to David’s can do attitude and determination to make a change and improvements at the refuge. Due to the good cause, David’s willingness to support local companies and the tight budget he was required to work to, Croft View Construction decided to offer to do the work free of charge.

As we were already busy on other jobs that required our attention we had to complete most of the work at weekends. It took us about one week’s work overall to finish. David and all the staff at the Refuge were so grateful and thankful for the offer of help from us it made all the work worthwhile, and we were more than happy to help a fantastic local charity.

Following on from the many words of thanks, we received and email and a written letter to reinforce their gratitude. Completely unexpected but very welcomed from us.

Everyone involved in the Animal Refuge provides their own good turns, which we felt deserved another. It felt really good to be able to apply our knowledge and skills in a charitable way and was the least we could do to support them. We would encourage anyone who can to do the same and support your local good causes, we all need them to stick around.

The Animals’ Refuge provides a safe place for all animals in their time of need. They look to re-home dogs, cats, small animals and field animals and work to support good, long-term healthy relationships between animals and their owners out in the community.

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