Is your kitchen table now your office too?

Do you prefer working at home or working at the office? Telecommuting is the new normal for many former office workers. In fact, a recent survey suggests that 91% of full time office employees would like the option to work from home once the pandemic is over. Employers see cost savings, a potentially more engaged… Continue reading ›

New Extension for the New Year – Plan now for a Spring Start!

It’s been quite a year – like no year before it! If you’ve been working from home and are looking at how your house works for you, it’s quite possible you’ve noticed a few areas that might need improvement. You may already have tackled some of those projects while you’ve been at home. But maybe… Continue reading ›

Job Opportunities at Croft View Construction – Join Our Team!

We want to tell you all about the amazing opportunities there are to join our brilliant Croft View Team! But first, how is everyone? We really hope you and your families are all safe and well. It’s been a challenging time for so many people. We have also had so many opportunities to feel grateful…. Continue reading ›

Who Are Croft View Construction? – Our Croft View Values

At Croft View Construction, we pride ourselves on our quality of service. We pride ourselves on the values we weave into every aspect of our work – honesty, transparency, integrity, respect. We want our customers to feel at ease, informed, and happy. The focus of the business is on domestic customers, without excluding business to… Continue reading ›

Welcoming Dario to the Croft View Team!

Welcome to the Croft View Team, Dario! Dario is our Production Manager. He comes to us with 15 years’ experience in construction; the last 8 years have been in management positions. Dario is an ambitious chap, who has worked hard at what he does and loves to be busy. He was part of the reserve… Continue reading ›

Your Bright New Year with Croft View Construction – Join the Team!

What are you most looking forward to in the New Year? Are you a resolution maker? Or, are you a resolution breaker? Do you hope for the fresh start that the New Year can bring? For a lot of people, that fresh start means a new job, new places, and new faces. So, why not… Continue reading ›

We’re Looking for Some Amazing People to Join Us!

We have been in a constant state of looking for amazing people to join our team for a while now. But we still need more people! We have had a busy but wonderful year – it’s been fantastic! Next year is shaping up to be even more busy and even more incredible. We can’t wait!… Continue reading ›

Are You Ready To Spread a Little Christmas Cheer?

We want to get everyone taking part in our efforts to spread the Christmas cheer! This year we are starting a Croft View tradition and we need everyone to help make it an amazing success. We are collecting advent calendars to donate to Carlisle Food Bank for families whose children might not get a calendar… Continue reading ›

Don’t Put Off until the New Year What You Can Do Today!

What are your plans for the New Year? Yes, we know you’re only just recovering from the crazy fact that the Christmas build up is well underway already. We are in that part of the year when Christmas excitement (or dread) is creeping in every day. Maybe we aren’t quite counting sleeps yet (are you?)…. Continue reading ›

Are you working too much? Getting the work life balance just right

We do not live to work, we work to live. Yes, for most people it is necessary to have a job so you can pay for important things such as a roof over your head and food on the table. It is even better if you are one of the lucky ones who loves their… Continue reading ›

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