New Extension for the New Year – Plan now for a Spring Start!

It’s been quite a year – like no year before it!

If you’ve been working from home and are looking at how your house works for you, it’s quite possible you’ve noticed a few areas that might need improvement. You may already have tackled some of those projects while you’ve been at home. But maybe you need a home office so you no longer have to angle the camera on Zoom to hide the dishes you haven’t had time to do yet. Or you crave more kitchen space since you are keen to expand your culinary extravaganzas! Equally though, you don’t want to start any major projects this close to Christmas. You are therefore planning your assault in the New Year.

To the New Year and Beyond

Let us imagine that January has arrived – the much anticipated and long awaiting 2021 is with us!

Now you are ready to get started on the project that you have pencilled in for spring – a two-storey extension incorporating a beautiful kitchen extension downstairs and a new en suite master bedroom upstairs. This will make space in your existing house for a lovely, fully equipped home office. You can’t wait to get started!

Here’s the problem: you realise you are not the only one planning a spring project. There are a lot of people like you who are at varying stages of their project and trying to book their first choice contractor to begin works in the Spring. Now you’re struggling to get everything organised as it all takes so much longer than you thought it would.

This is not uncommon. Many people find themselves in this position. What is the solution?

The Secret to Success

Get ahead of the game. Understandably, you may be reluctant to have building work going on when you’re so busy before Christmas. But you can get everything in place so your project is ready to start as soon as you want to start it.

Here are the things that you could have in place now:

  • Meet with a contractor at your property to discuss the scope and timeframe for your project
  • Get a budget cost for the plans, planning applications, building regulations, and build cost so you can plan your finances
  • Meet with the contractor’s designer at the property so they can do a site survey and draft a scheme design
  • Discuss the plans with your contractor and get a detailed quote for the works
  • Finalise the plans and ask your contractor to get started on planning permission
  • Once planning permission is granted (this can take up to 8 weeks), ask your contractor to instruct a structural engineer
  • Instruct your contractor to deal with the project’s building regulations notice
  • Finalise costs and agree a build start date with your contractor, getting all relevant paperwork in place.

With everything getting organised now, ground can be broken exactly when you’re ready and you can be enjoying your home upgrade in the summer. Your friends will marvel at your extraordinary foresight while they admire the beautiful bi-fold doors that take you from the gorgeous new sunroom to the garden and listen with rapt attention while you wax lyrical about the wonders of a bathroom you do not have to share with the kids…

Spring Forward!

Don’t put off until the New Year what you can do today. If you are planning an extension next year, get in touch with us now and we’ll help make sure that everything is ready to start right on time.

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