It’s all in the details

You know that person who lines up pieces of paper on their desk at equal distances and who will absentmindedly rotate a rogue pen two degrees anti clockwise so it is parallel to the ruler it sits next to? We all know that person; we may be that person. Well, that is Adam, proprietor extraordinaire of Croft View Construction. And, the thing is, it turns out that finickiness is the key to success! Who knew?

That precise eye is beautifully apparent in all Adam’s work and he has sought out like-minded souls when building his successful construction company so, wherever you look in Croft View projects, you can see detail oriented care and attention delivered by a team of highly skilled craftsmen.

Take their amazing work at The Pentonbridge Inn. You notice from the moment you see the building that it is a labour of love and respect for the design, for the materials, and for every aspect of the finish.

Let me draw your attention to just a few of the details that should move even the most hard-nosed to exclaim at the perfection of it all…

The fireplaces

You have to see them! Seriously, take a good look. Now, let me tell you a secret. They are not original features! Honestly. They are beautifully constructed by the Croft View team and look as though they have been there longer than the building in which they stand. They add a warm, cosy feeling to the restaurant and bar area even when the log burners aren’t lit.

The stairs

The whole reception and stairway benefit from natural light from some cleverly placed windows that also offer some rather lovely views to welcome guests coming down for their delicious breakfast. Expanses of glass, while obviously allowing lovely light to flood through, can feel a little modern or cold in historic buildings but the balance of warm wood frames above painted wooden panelling here just adds to the welcoming atmosphere for visitors to the restaurant looking up in the evening and well-rested guests looking down in the morning.

The feature walls

Right there in every bedroom upstairs, at the head of every bed is a wood panelled wall. You might not think that this is of so much note but, believe me, it really is. The walls manage to be both contemporary and traditional, avant-garde and conservative. Each join, each edge is precise, so nothing detracts from the warmth of the natural material.

The en suites

Behind sliding barn-style doors are rooms of luxurious ablutionary promises – mirror shine tiles of the softest, creamiest marble, slotted together with geometrical precision, sleek chrome fittings sparkling, and sheets of gleaming glass merging in apparent seamlessness with the tiles. The effect is astonishing. There’s no place for anything as hideous as Mr Dirt or Mrs Mould to hide in here (we won’t get to test that though as I’m pretty sure The Pentonbridge Inn have alarms that go off if the little blighters try to get in). Before you have even climbed in the bath for a relaxing soak, before you’ve even put the plug in and turned on the tap, you feel your shoulders drop as the magical wonder of the place seeps into your bones. You will want this at home, I guarantee it.

These few details are just some highlights, a brief guide to a few happy features that could be situated as contentedly in someone’s living room, kitchen, or bathroom. They really have to be seen to be believed so go and see them for yourself and you’ll realise…

Croft View Construction is there in the details.

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