Frequently asked questions: How long will my project take?

Our lives are busy – annoyingly so, at times.

If you are getting work done on your home, you need to know when it will start and you really need to know when it will end. You have stuff to do!

You need to know if the extra bedroom that your extension is creating will be ready for when your sister is coming to stay. You need to know if you can plan to celebrate Nana’s birthday in your fancy open plan kitchen diner with gorgeous views onto the garden though bi-folding doors.

And don’t get me started on the headaches when you feel like your project is not making enough progress and there was no one onsite today!

Stress and headaches about a building project are assumed to be normal. But that is not our way!

The Croft View Way

When you come on board with us, you are given a start date and you are given an end date. Not only that, you are given a full schedule of works. You will know what day the groundworks team are laying foundations. You will know what day the first course of bricks is being laid. You will know what day the windows are fitted, the wiring is being done, and the toilet is being installed.

The advantages to this are many – for you as the customer and for us as the contractor.

If you are concerned that there is not much visible sign of progress, check the programme of works. Look at what work has been done, what is due to be done this week, and what is due to be done next week. You can feel reassured that the project is exactly on track. You can always give us a call to discuss your concerns but it is good to see it in black and white.

The detailed programme of works is great for us as well. All of the teams involved in your project have a copy of the programme. They know when they are expected onsite and they know when they are expected to finish. Everyone’s time is used to the fullest so the build is efficient and therefore more cost effective.

At a glance you and our project manager can see the status of your project and what needs to be put in place for the coming weeks.

Can you feel the weight being lifted from your shoulders? All you have to do is choose the colour of the bedding your sister will be snuggling in. And you can plan that menu of all of Nana’s favourite food. You can be confident everything will be ready in time…

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