Do you want to spend your long weekend on DIY?

This weekend is the big bank holiday weekend and traditionally the perfect stretch of time to catch up on all those DIY projects you’ve been putting off since Christmas. What could your project list contain?

Maybe you have a newish house and all those ‘settling’ issues have started to appear – gaps behind the skirting boards and door surrounds being the prime example.

Maybe you wanted to spruce up a room with some new fixtures and fittings – a sconce here and new door there.

Maybe you wanted to grow your own this year and intend to get cracking on some lovely raised beds for your tatties and neeps.

These are all worthy and wonderful projects because who wants gaping holes behind their skirting boards, because creating a fresh new look for a tired room will spice up your life, and because fresh veg from your own garden is health and happiness in the shape of a cruciferous brassica (that’s broccoli, cabbage and bok choy, between you and me).

Just maybe, you also wanted to go for a hike following a route your mate recommended last year, or you wanted to visit friends on the coast, or (and we’ll just whisper this one) you’d like to do nothing for a change.

So you find yourself in an agony of indecision with no resolution in sight. If only someone could rescue you and provide the perfect solution.

Well, Croft View Team to the rescue!

Why not get in touch and see if we can help. We could fill gaps, hang doors, and build plant beds for you, which means you can have a guilt free long weekend of hikes, a pint with friends, or hot chocolate by the fire in your pyjamas knowing that our team of heroes will be with you soon to solve all your problems.

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