The Pentonbridge Inn – a Complete Renovation

No matter the size of the renovation, Croft View Construction can deliver the same quality and attention to detail. We can oversee the entire project, coordinating contractors, and managing materials and supplies, taking the stress out of the customer experience. Our broad range of skills, and partnerships with the best local contractors, means that we can deliver a project, great or small, beautiful in every detail, whilst maintaining the highest standards.

The Brief

This building had been the local country pub in need of a bit of renovation but the new owners had ambitions of it becoming a luxurious hostelry offering both refined modern dining and traditional pub food as well as having beautiful bedrooms for the discerning traveller. The renovation was to include rooms in the converted barn, bedrooms upstairs in the main building, a comfortable yet beautiful dining area, and a bar. The character of the original building had to be retained and additions were to be inspired by and in keeping with the surrounding countryside and local history.

In the Beginning

Once decisions were made about what should be retained, what should be upgraded, and what should be added to fulfil the brief, work commenced literally from the ground up, or the underground up in some cases. The project needed to be coordinated very carefully as there were so many aspects to the construction and a lot of different trades were working on site.

The new design did require that substantial amounts of the original structure needed to be demolished and at least 60% of the roof needed to be removed in order to carry out the restoration. Inside, concrete floors were broken up throughout the building so that the team could dig down and install insulation. A phenomenal amount of steel was brought to site and installed throughout the structure.

The Ongoing Project

Once enough of the structure was complete, the project could truly focus on some of the interior details including the design and layout of each room.

The bar area was to include two new fireplaces set into bespoke, traditionally built sandstone walls that needed to blend seamlessly with the interior so that they appeared to have been part of the original structure. The fireplaces weren’t the only ‘new like old’ features that were installed. King trusses were installed in the barn rooms that were made to look 100 years old. You’d never know that these features were brand new to look at them so don’t tell anyone we told you – it’s a secret.

New timber sash windows were manufactured. Walls and floors were all sound and fire proofed. The materials that cover the floors are a beautiful combination of natural stone, ceramic tiles and engineered oak. Comfort cooling systems (nifty heating/cooling systems) were concealed behind hand crafted banquet seating. Dining nooks were skilfully built, as was a stunning glass and timber stairway. Sliding barn style oak doors have been fitted in various places around the building including in the bedrooms to provide access to the en suites, which are luxuriously appointed with wet room showers and sheet marble tiles. The bedrooms each have beautiful timber feature walls.

Everything was fitted to the specifications of the client, the will of designer, and the rigorous standards of the Croft View Team.

The Finish

The journey though the country lanes toward Penton is one of anticipation and from the moment the Inn comes into view, that anticipation is rewarded. The character of a country pub has been carefully retained and the materials of the original structure lovingly restored and emphasised. These traditional features have been melded with modern influences in the new sections of the Inn including the extensions that contain the restaurant on one side and an loggia style walkway to the barn rooms. Warm coloured timber is used along with graphite finished steel to complement the palette of the exterior decorations.

Moving inside, the palette of the decorations and the carefully positioned lighting continues the warm and welcoming theme. Tartan, tweed, velvet and leather upholstery looks inviting and well chosen wooden furniture that perfectly blends with the timber features add to the comfortable and yet refined atmosphere. You note the very ‘in keeping’ wood panelling on the walls in the bar area that you’d never think were newly fitted and you see how amazingly harmonious the combination of natural materials feels. Upstairs, the bedrooms have fitted wardrobes and TVs cleverly hidden at the foot of the bed. The sleek finishes of the chrome bathroom fittings reflect the warm light and add sparkle to the marble that surrounds them.

In summary, every one of the details of the project flaunts the vision of the owners, the architect, and the designers, while also delivering a loud statement about the expertise and the skills that were required to realise that vision.

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