Flood Damaged Properties

As it is widely known, Cumbria has been badly damaged by floods over the past decade. These floods have affected many thousands of homes and devastated lives. The work we carry out when repairing a flooded property not only needs to be done to a high standard, but we are also sympathetic to the property owners who are often extremely distressed and going through a very stressful period in their lives. In order to help them as much as we can, we try and make the project run as smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

The Brief

When a building is flood damaged and covered by insurance, it needs to be restored back to its pre flood condition. Within most properties this will consist of stripping it back to the brickwork and replacing all the woodwork, doors, kitchen and downstairs restrooms.

In the Beginning

Stripping out a flooded house can be a particularly messy and unpleasant job as not only does the building need stripped back to the brickwork, but flood water is particularly dirty and contaminated. The strip out usually takes about one week to complete, depending on the property size. Once the property is stripped out we placed our own dehumidifiers and driers in the buildings in order to speed up the process as much as possible.

The Ongoing Project

Once the property is completely dry, the re build can commence. Firstly we replaced all the floor joists, insulate in between the joists to conform with building regulations and replaced the flooring as was originally in place.

Next, the property is re wired. Some need fully re wired and others need partly, depending on how many damaged wires show during tests on the property.

All the walls are then cement rendered and re skimmed, and the windows and doors replaced. The internal timberwork is reinstated. When necessarily skirtings and architraves are run off specially to match the original features for the building. Some buildings needed a full central heating system, including the boiler, replaced.

The kitchen is then installed and downstairs toilets. Where required, multi-fuel stoves and gas fires were replaced which required a replacement of the fireplace and hearth.

The Finish

All the flooring finishes, such as an Oak floor, and tiling in kitchens and restrooms was completed. Then the building is decorated throughout the ground floor to the client’s specification. As a final touch we hire a company to do a full builders clean throughout the property before the clients move in, in order to make the process as stress free as possible (something we do on every large internal project).

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