Building An Extension – What Do You Need To Know?

Building an extension can be a daunting prospect. There is so much to consider and it is likely you have never done this before. Is it better to move house to get the space you crave? Which will cause more upheaval – building or moving? And there’s still quite a financial investment as well as an emotional one. You need to have all the details so you can make the best, informed decision.

So how can you make the process of building an extension as plain sailing as possible? Who out there can help you?

Croft View Construction to the Rescue!

We can talk you through:

  • how much building an extension might cost
  • what you can build without planning permission
  • what plans and drawings you need
  • how Building Control is involved
  • and more!

While we can help answer all your questions (and indeed, why haven’t you called yet?), we thought you might like some handy hints and tips as a little light reading. Our website already helps you with your frequently asked questions, details of the extra finishing touches your extension could have (kitchens & bathrooms), and gives you design inspo. Additionally, and most excitingly of all, we are posting a series of articles under the eminently clickable title of ‘Building an Extension’, which will guide you through the process and get you off to the right start.

We won’t even make you wait for part one… read on!

Building an Extension – Count the Cost

How much does an extension cost? It will depend on many factors. Price hikes on materials and labour are pushing prices up across the UK, but other factors more specific to your build such as size, shape, and how much glazing you’ll include will all impact costs.

If you need costs for feasibility, we can chat about the project and give you a budget cost. We will also provide costs for plans, planning applications, Building Regs, and any other permits required.

The biggest things people worry about is escalating or hidden costs, how much they need to pay and how often, and how any delays will affect the overall cost of the project.

Let’s deal with those worries.

Escalating or hidden costs

Once you have plans (we’ll chat more on that subject in another article), you need to get a very detailed, fixed cost quote up front. If it is on the quote, the cost is included. If it is not on the quote and you need it to be, ask your contractor if it is included and make sure it is explicitly stated. As the project continues, if you need to add anything to the original brief, get costs agreed for the variations.

We would absolutely recommend a 10-15% contingency in the budget to prepare for any surprises. The part of the build with arguably the most potential for surprises is below ground. Unexpected issues once ground is broken can also be pricey. Speak to your contractor for advice about contingencies for such challenges.

How much do you pay and how often?

The way to deal with that worry is to get a payment schedule agreed up front. The payments can be linked to stages in the build and dated for when those stages are due to be completed. Once that stage is complete, an invoice is raised. You know what’s coming up and you know that your contractor wants to keep driving the project forward to reach those payment stages!

How will delays affect the overall costs?

It does depend on what has caused the delay. But in general, if you have a fixed quote, the costs should not be impacted. If something you have requested is likely to have an impact on the costs, that will need to be communicated so you know the consequences.

We don’t want our customers to worry about anything, especially not money. We feel that with good, clear communication, detailed quotes, and transparent payment schedules, there are fewer things to worry about.

So, how do you go about choosing your team? Do you project manage everything yourself? Or do you find a great contractor who will manage the project for you? It’s up to you! Next time, we will help you weigh up the pros and cons when it comes to project management.

See you then!

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