Are you working too much? Getting the work life balance just right

We do not live to work, we work to live. Yes, for most people it is necessary to have a job so you can pay for important things such as a roof over your head and food on the table. It is even better if you are one of the lucky ones who loves their job. But whether your aim is to pay the bills, or your work is your passion, it is still important to make time for an actual life.

We should acknowledge that while your job is important, family and friends are more important. So, we need to be balanced when we think about the time we spend working and the time we spend with our family and friends.

At Croft View Construction, we recognise that balance.


“I have two amazing daughters and I want to be the best Dad I can possibly be, first and foremost,” Adam says. “We have so many enquiries and invitations to tender that I could work every waking hour, seven days a week. But I have to prioritise and set boundaries on what is work time and what is family time.”

“Whilst I am very fortunate that I love my job, I avoid scheduling appointments on weekends and evenings, and I have a shorter day on a Tuesday so I can do the school/nursery run,” Adam continues. “That time is brilliant. I love the singing and funny questions – the way they see the world. I have learned all the words to the Alvin & the Chipmunks album, and I chuckle when I catch myself humming it later in the day.”

We want our team to enjoy family time as well. Mario can reflect on his own work history.


“When my boys were small, there was a lot of pressure in my employment to work longer hours late into the evening and over the weekends. I missed out on a lot of precious time when they were growing up. I am fortunate now that I can spend so much time with my now adult boys – motorbiking, skiing and hiking, etc. And I am a granddad now. I spend weekends with my grandson being an active part of his life and seeing him grow up.”

“As business owners, we are in a position to make sure that no one else has to miss out on a family life due to pressures from work,” Mario continues. “We expect the guys to work hard, naturally. But family time is so important. The team finishes work at 4:30pm every day, so they have plenty of time for family dinners or meeting up with friends or relaxing with their favourite hobby or TV show. It’s good for them and it’s good for us as well if they are refreshed for the next day of work.”

The Balance

Evenings and weekends are a time for everyone to do what they want to do: relax in the garden with their partner, go to the cinema with their kids, or hand paint figurines for a battlefield diorama with their grandchildren.

We do want to be flexible for our customers and we do try to fit around their work and family schedules but our work life balance is important too – we hope you’ll forgive us if we can’t quote for work on a Saturday or meet you on site on Friday evening.

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