Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin…

Once up a time, there was a red brick building in Carlisle that just wanted to be useful. That building was called Granville Hall.

All through its life, it wanted to be useful and to be helpful. It was very good at being useful and it was very fond of being helpful.

Once, it was used as a dance hall and it would giggle as the sound of the music tickled its walls and it would blush over the things it heard whispered in its secluded corners.

Then, it was used as the physiotherapy department for the nearby Cumberland Infirmary and it would wince over the pain that it saw people suffer and cheer when patients had their final appointment and were better at last.

Most recently, it was used as an office and it would vibrate with the bustle of people coming and going, phones ringing, keyboards tapping and it would gasp over the gossip shared around the water cooler and wish it had a TV so it could share an opinion on who should have been voted out of X Factor or see what the Platts or the Barlows had been up to the night before in a place called Coronation Street that had caused so much chatter.

And then, the office was packed up, the people stopped coming every day, and it was a bit lonely, a bit empty, and not useful or helpful at all.

But one day, a hero arrived and Granville Hall heard the hero say that it would make the most beautiful homes for people. How exciting! It might just have the chance to provide shelter, warmth, a place to sleep and live and laugh to a few very lucky people.

Over the following weeks, the hero would return from time to time and take measurements and scribble notes in a black leather bound notebook. Sometimes he would bring someone else with him and the Hall listened with mounting excitement over conversations about exposed brick feature walls, natural light, and balconies – everyone said it was going to be beautiful and people would love it!

Before long, teams of people were visiting every day to prepare it for its transformation along with the hero and his friends who talked about ‘plans’. Granville Hall saw the plans and it could see that they were GOOD! It really was going to be beautiful!

Granville Hall would be useful again, and helpful, and beautiful – happily ever afters do exist after all.

An Exciting Development Too!


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