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At Croft View Construction we are pleased to announce that we now have our first full time apprentice working for us. We feel that apprenticeships offer positive benefits for both the apprentice themselves, and the future of our company.

Adam Pate, proprietor of Croft View Construction, completed his own joinery apprenticeship 12 years ago. The valuable skills and opportunities this gave him have been fundamental to the establishment and success of Croft View Construction. Adam has the skills and means to provide an opportunity for others, just as he was given.

At Croft View Construction we pride ourselves on our work ethic throughout all aspects of the business. It is surprisingly hard to find employees who share the same focus and determination to maintain a traditional method of working; work hard, produce quality work, be polite and courteous. So when we were looking to take on more staff, rather than trying to re teach someone who works by other ethics, we thought why not take on our own apprentice and teach them our ways of working from scratch? While enabling us to build up our workforce and provide great opportunities for young people at the same time, we are also securing the quality of the company’s work for the future.

While benefiting us as a company, the apprentice receives a brilliant opportunity and consequently a qualification. Apprenticeships give a candidate the opportunity to work for a real employer, earn a real salary and gain a real qualification whilst gaining valuable workplace skills and experience along the way.

Apprenticeships have been helping young people throughout Britain for years, and recent years have shown an increase in government support for Them. This support has allowed apprenticeships to become better quality and more easily accessible for both employers and apprentices.

At Croft View Construction we hope to continue to regularly take on apprentices in the future. As the company grows, so must our workforce, and we believe that while we can provide a future for apprentices, they can be the future of Croft View Construction.

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