An Apprenticeship Success Story by Adam & Mario

Adam’s Story

The year was 2000 and Adam came to the momentous decision that he wanted to be a rugby mega star. But being a sensible kind of guy, he put a backup in place and began an apprenticeship in construction. The plan worked well. He trained and played with his team three evenings a week after working hard as an apprentice during the day.

In just a few months of his apprenticeship, he learned valuable life lessons from his mentor that have stayed with him to this day. As well as developing his skills and gaining qualifications, he learned the job satisfaction from seeing a project from its on-paper beginnings through to real-life completion. It was exhausting but in a good way and provided him with a living while his rugby career took off.

In 2004, injury ended his meteoric rise to rugby super stardom and he had to consider his options again. His ambitions took shape over time and, in 2006, Adam became a sole trader. Then, in 2008, he founded his own company, Croft View Construction. Adam had the simple, humble aim of being the best.

Now, more than a decade later, that ambition is pretty well achieved! The team at Croft View Construction has grown and grown. The team is full of specialists at the top of their game and hardworking apprentices on track to join them at the top. There is a special kind of satisfaction at being in a position now to see apprentices in his own team thrive. He knows that they are learning from the best and getting the kind of life lessons he learned from his mentor.

Adam is not the only over achieving former apprentice on the team. Most of them started out as apprentices, including Mario, his fellow director.

Mario’s Story

Mario’s career is a long one and winds through England and Scotland. It starts in 1980, when a young school leaver became an apprentice joiner. Through his apprenticeship, Mario achieved his Craft Certificate and Advanced Certificate. He then moved onto academic qualifications gaining an ONC and then HNC in construction. By the age of 21, he was looking after a team of men as a charge hand.

Mario continued to work his way up, managing bigger teams, working on bigger projects. He grew in experience and knowledge, learning so much about the industry and people. So many lessons learnt that have stayed with him throughout his career!

A move to Scotland with his family brought the opportunity to build his own home. His new job also involved him in new build developments for the first time. His keen eye for detail and effective running of the development was recognised when he won a NHBC Pride in the Job Award for the first time and thereafter the Seal of Excellence. These industry awards recognise site managers who have achieved the highest standards in house building.

Mario’s next job introduced to volume house building. Within 6 months, he had won Site Manager of the Year and later he won his second Pride in the Job Award.

After gaining even more experience as Contracts Manager and then Construction Manager, Mario established a successful freelance project management business consultancy firm, Citadel Services Ltd. After eight years, Mario was seeking a career refresh and ended up with Story Contracting where he had the opportunity to be involved with the new Story Homes offices at Kingmoor Park Carlisle, and the Training Centre and the office refurbishment at Story Contracting’s main offices in Carlisle. He then moved onto work for Reiver Homes at the beginning of their journey, writing new policies and procedures, and putting a production team together for building from 4 to 60+ units.

Team Croft View!

Here is where Croft View joins Mario’s journey. Adam and Mario have known each other for some years and have the same views on business practices, ethics, and what drives them to succeed. He and Adam would meet for coffee and discuss the industry – Adam shamelessly seeking advice from Mario. So, when the opportunity arose for Mario to come on board with Croft View Construction, they were both delighted.

Wanna do an Apprenticeship? Go For It!

Adam and Mario would encourage anyone to think about an apprenticeship as the pathway into their career. You actually earn money rather than accruing debt. You have a job from day one that will hopefully be the start of a long and happy career in whatever field that interests you. There are all kinds of apprenticeships these days and they really do offer brilliant opportunities.


You really should have a read of Adam & Mario‘s full stories!

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